"A Christmas Horror Musical" is a 15 minute, operetta-esque musical that I composed in 2016, with lyrics by Jesse Janzen and Leah Finity, and story by all three of us. It was a great experience in co-creation and collaboration, and delightful to hear the music that arose out of the alchemy of combining minds. 

"Sally's Sea-Side Store" is a 3-part round I composed for a choir warm-up book I'm currently writing (warm-ups for the ears as well as the voice). This fun ditty gets your tongue working as it spins off of a familiar old tongue twister.

"Die Kleine Kneipe" is essentially the German version of the 1982 sitcom "Cheers." This is my choral arrangement for an SATB ensemble with piano accompaniment. (All singers in the video are played by myself.)

"Dream a Little Dream of Me" A simple two-part arrangement of the classic, composed for a fundraiser concert in 2013.

Commissioned by the Civic Light Orchestra to arrange "O Holy Night" for large ensemble, choir, and soloist. I never got a recording of any of the performances, so I made my own demo with midi instruments (ugh) and singing all the vocals. I am no soprano, nor an epically high one at that, but I had fun recording anyway. It's a demo after all, not a professional recording. Heh.

"Christmas Time is Here" is one of my absolute favorite songs of the season. This is my SATB vocal jazz arrangement of the holiday classic.