Vocal Jazz

This is my take on the classic "Scarborough Fair," arranged for the George Washington Carver's High School Advanced Choir. It was a fun process of bringing in music and testing out if they could handle the level of difficulty, hence why the piece gets more challenging as it goes on.
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"Am Fischerhause" is an original piece I wrote for my German choir back in 2012 --though with new accompaniment written in 2021-- with text from a poem by Heinrick Heine.
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"Christmas Time is Here" is one of my absolute favorite songs of the season. This is my SATB vocal jazz arrangement of the holiday classic.


This original "Musik, an die Musik!" is a new take on an old (and rather famous) poem by Franz von Schober. Composed for my German choir in 2015.


"Baby Mine" the tremendously heartbreaking lullaby in Disney's “Dumbo.” I originally arranged this for an all women's vocal ensemble. Then flushed it out for SSAATTB, which went on to win a Downbeat Award for Best Vocal Jazz Arrangement.


"So In Love" is one of my favorite pieces by Cole Porter. It was a joy to write an SATB vocal jazz arrangement of it, which went on to receive a Downbeat Award for Best Vocal Jazz Arrangement.


"Die Kleine Kneipe" is essentially the German version of the 1982 sitcom "Cheers." This is my choral arrangement for an SATB ensemble with piano accompaniment. (All singers in the video are played by myself.)


Large Ensemble/ Instrumental

Tears for Fears' "Mad World"
Reharm -- Kate Janzen. Instrumentation arrangement -- a collaboration by Kate Janzen, Greg Fulton, and Gordy Ryan (three of the four music faculty members of Seattle Waldorf High School). Recorded for "Inspire - Connect & Celebrate"