Kate Janzen, award-winning composer/director/accompanist, has been working in the field of music since the age of 15 (1999). Her first job was accompanying a local community choir, and since then has never looked back. After receiving her Bachelor of Music degree from Sacramento State’s School of Music, California –with a double focus in Jazz Studies/Arranging and Theory & Composition– she has gone on to become a highly sought after musician wherever she resides.  

One of her greatest joys in life is vocal music –composing for, as well as directing/teaching– whether it be choir, vocal jazz, or musical theater. She is always advocating for singers, encouraging them to: “Stand in (and speak) their truth, since singing is a direct line to the soul; the more someone is in alignment with their depth and truest nature, the more their voice can ring clear and shine out to the world as the gift that they are. And nothing is more human –and more beautiful– than singing together.”

She currently resides in Colorado, focusing on composing new music for choirs and vocal jazz ensembles, Music-directing at The Spark Performing Arts Center and The Actors Academy for the Performing Arts, singing with The Key of She, directing The Superior Community Choir, and working on her first full-length musical.

"Get to know Kate Janzen"

From an interview with WhyYouProductions in 2016

What are you grateful for?

What was your first job?

What were you like as a child?