services include (but are not limited to):


  • Music Directing/Adjudicating  $100 per hour; negotiation available
  • Accompanying (Choirs, soloists, music theater, weddings, birthday parties, funerals, etc. All genera of music.) Pricing varies according to driving distance, the number of rehearsals, and the length of the gig. Contact for a price quote. 
  • Private Lessons/Coaching $50 for a half hour, or $90 for an hour 
    - Piano (Classical, Jazz)
    - Vocal (Classical, Jazz, Music Theater)
    - Composition
    (Classical, Jazz, Music Theater)
    - Music Theory (Classical)
  • Audition Prep* (Music Theater) $50 for a half hour, or $90 for an hour 
  • Group Vocal Lessons** (Classical, jazz, music theater) $100 per hour 
  • Composing and Arranging*** (Vocal jazz, choral, orchestral, small and large jazz ensembles)

* Audition Prep: 
This is specifically to get you ready for an audition; 
including vocal coaching and making sure your music is flawless for your accompanist 

** Group Vocal Lessons: 
This not only focuses on the individual singer, but on the group as a whole. 
Emphasis is on blend-ability and cultivating the skill of ensemble singing 
(This is particularly useful for actors that have to sing harmony in a show and are struggling to hold their part against another singer, or just need extra coaching) 

*** Composing and Arranging
To commission a chart, please contact me for a quote