What does it mean to arrange a piece of music?

  1. To lay out / organize / divvy up the music amongst various instruments
  2. To change or alter an already existing piece into something new/different <-- YOU ARE HERE!

Workshop Description:
In this two hour interactive workshop, award-winning composer & arranger Kate Janzen will take you through different arranging techniques that will expand your musical vocabulary and teach you how to add your own personal touches to songs; creating a whole new experience of the music for both yourself and your audiences. (We’ll be using holiday pieces as examples, but these tools are for all-year round; for composers and songwriters alike, and can be applied anywhere in the writing process).

Who is this for?

  • Composers, arrangers, songwriters, and any musician wanting to expand their craft with regards to writing/creating/arranging.
  • Intermediate and advanced levels
  • Recommended pre-req: a basic understanding of music theory: able to read music, know various time signatures, have a basic/fundamental grasp of harmonic analysis, and basic ability to read chord changes.

Technically not required but highly recommended:
Bring a piece of music you’d like to revamp and/or do something new with! There will be exercises throughout the workshop to apply and practice the various techniques you'll learn (music will also be provided to practice with).
There will also be time for Q&As and work directly with Kate.

Dates and Times:

Nov. 28th, 2023 7:00pm-9:00pm (Mountain Time)

An example of what you'll learn how to do: