Kate has been working as an accompanist since 2001 and as a professional musician since 2005. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from Sacramento State’s School of Music, with a double focus in Jazz Studies/Arranging and Theory & Composition. Currently, she is the director of the Sacramento Turner Harmonie, the accompanist for Bella Vista High School’s choirs, the pianist for River City Christian Church, and music directs for Country Day School’s spring musical. Alongside these four main jobs, she also accompanies/music directs for theaters in the greater Sacramento area, accompanies other schools/events as needed, and goes Ballroom and Fusion dancing as much as humanly possible. She also enjoys vegan cooking/baking and has a separate website for all her delicious creations.

The informal (and longer) Biography:

My journey as a musician started at the age of four, when, of all random things, I received a birthday card that included the tiniest of keyboards within it. The little toy could only play one octave, but I ran around the house with it like a security blanket and plunked out every song that I could. Shortly thereafter, my grandma insisted I take piano lessons, and by six, I was learning how to play the real sized instrument.

At 10 years old, I had my first experience accompanying my school’s choir for their annual Christmas concert. Everything went off without a hitch, but I was so nervous that I almost threw up and vowed never to do such a terrifying thing ever again.

By 16, however, I forgot about that vow, and started accompanying the madrigal group and concert choir at my high school. And by 17, I had my first paying job accompanying the Sacramento Turner Harmonie.

After graduating, I continued to accompany the high school choirs, as well as the Turner Harmonie, and began studying music at the college level. Soon, I found myself absolutely head over heals in love with all things music related. I loved theory. I loved accompanying, composing, singing. I loved it all, and wanted to do it all.

By the time I transferred to Sacramento State’s School of Music, I was assistant directing the Turner Harmonie and playing for musicals in the greater Sacramento area, and was doing a double focus for my Bachelor’s degree: Music Theory & Composition, and Jazz Studies & Arranging. There I studied under Leo Eylar for my classical composition training, Kerry Marsh for my jazz arranging training, and Julia Dollison for my vocal training.

After hitting a few snags along the way (due to health resons), I graduated in 2011 with my Bachelors degree in Music. After that, I became the director of the Turner Harmonie and started the music program at George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science. And of course, still accompany choirs and singers in the greater Sacramento Area.